School-Age Care (Kindergarten-12 years)


Apple Ridge Academy offers Before and/or After School programming which provides enrichment, academic instruction, recreation and supervised care for children in kindergarten through 12 years old. We provide opportunities for social/emotional, physical, academic and cognitive development for children in an informal learning environment. There is something for every interest.


  • Themed projects provide opportunities for experiential learning, developing personal skills and interests, and working in groups.

  • Active games provide children the opportunity to have fun, work together as a team, and stay fit.

  • Fun, qualified teachers reinforce your child's education by providing time and assistance for homework.

  • Unstructured time allows kids to relax with friends, read a book, experiment with art, music, science, computers and drama.

  • All this and a snack!

All day child care is available during school holidays and summer vacation.

summer camp



Our purpose is to provide a unique and multifaceted program designed to spark children's interest in a variety of activities, such as art, music, movement and science. Our program is based on the philosophy that children learn through play and experience. When given the opportunity to play, children naturally will explore, learn to cooperate with others and develop a strong sense of self-esteem. Apple Ridge Academy offers a variety of new experiences, both inside and outside the classroom.  Class scheduling offers a balance of structured and unstructured activities.  

Throughout the course of the summer, our School Age children will go on weekly field trips as well as have additional weekly special events and guests come in to offer a HUGE variety of new and exciting things to do!

Here are some of the field trips we have been on and programs we have hosted over the past several years...