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The Creative Curriculum®....

The Creative Curriculum is an all-inclusive curriculum that lets the teachers focus on developing skills while building relationships with each child and taking great care of each child’s individual needs.  The Creative Curriculum helps teachers plan goals in Social-Emotional Development, Physical Development, Cognitive Development, and Language Development. 


The Creative Curriculum is built on a foundation that outlines theory and research to explain the importance of meeting basic needs of every child, developing secure attachments with caregivers, and supporting growth and learning in an intentional way, to support cognition and brain development in your little one!


Creative Curriculum Developmental Milestones Objectives:

  • Regulating own emotions and behavior

  • Establishing and sustaining positive relationships

  • Demonstrating Traveling and Balancing Skills

  • Demonstrating gross and fine motor strength and coordination

  • Listening and understanding Language

  • Using Language to express thoughts and needs

  • Demonstrating a positive approach to learning 

  • Remembers and connects experiences

  • Demonstrates knowledge of print and its uses

  • Demonstrating emergent writing skills

  • Using number concepts and operations

It is our goal to partner with parents to create great experiences for your child to learn from in their time here at ARA! “A curriculum is like a road map; it helps you get where you want to go.” This road map offers guidance about providing appropriate materials and interactions for engaging children in these eight experiences:

  1. Playing with toys

  2. Imitating and pretending

  3. Enjoying stories and books

  4. Connecting with music and movement

  5. Creating with art

  6. Tasting and preparing food

  7. Exploring sand and water

  8. Going outdoors


Each teacher works to create positive, intentional learning experiences for the children in our program! We are so passionate about instilling a belief, that we are all lifelong learners, and learning is a fun and enjoyable experience. We want to continue growing and experiencing life on this “Journey to Excellence!” 

new berlin brookfield pewaukee preschool childcare
new berlin brookfield pewaukee preschool childcare

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