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enrollment at apple ridge academy

Thank you for your interest in Apple Ridge Academy! Our program, as well as several other quality programs in our area, have been experiencing an incredibly high demand for high-quality early education services over the past couple of years. We are incredibly fortunate to continue to have consistently full classrooms at both of our Apple Ridge Academy locations! We recognize, however, that this means that we may not have the opportunity to welcome all of the families in our communities into our programs here at Apple Ridge. For this reason, we do have a waiting list that we keep a diligent watch on and give great care and consideration to.


Though we currently have no projected availability in our programs for 2023 or early and mid 2024 based on our current enrollment, we are continuously evaluating our enrollment ~12-18 months in advance, and in some cases for the younger age groups, up to 24 months. It is not uncommon for families interested in infant and toddler care to join the waiting list when pregnant, but not see availability open up until their child is two or three years old. We typically have greater opportunity to welcome more families in our Jr. Preschool, Preschool, PreK and 4K programs.


There are always situations in which availability in any age group may open up unexpectedly sooner, which really could happen at any time. This may occur if/when a currently enrolled family moves away, changes jobs, switches their schedule or withdraws for any reason... and when this does happen, we will reach out to families on our waiting list right away to offer an enrollment opportunity at Apple Ridge!

If your family is interested in being placed on our waiting list for future enrollment consideration, please review the  information below and then follow the link and complete the requested information to be added to the waiting list.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our Executive Director, Ashley French, if you have any questions about the waiting list process for our program. Ashley can be reached via e-mail at

Unfortunately, we are not currently hosting one-on-one tours unless we are able to offer a space to your family. If you would like to be on our communications list for monthly waiting list updates and information or future open house information, please use the link below to join our waiting list.

We hope to be in touch soon and to have the opportunity to welcome your family to Apple Ridge Academy in the months or years ahead! :)

has it been challenging for your family to find high-quality childcare?

Our industry is in crisis, the current model to balance the cost to operate a preschool and child care center, to support highly-qualified staff, and make child care accessible and affordable for working parents is unsustainable.  We encourage parents and expecting parents to reach out individually to your legislators and tell them how these issues affect your family and how important it is for you to have affordable, high-quality care for your children while you work. We need your help to encourage your legislators to support the proposal for increased investment in affordable child care for families, and living wages for child care teachers. Resources to assist with this advocacy movement can be found at Raising Wisconsin using the link below. Our local elected officials need to hear from YOU! Help us to be a part of the change!

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