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inquiring about care at Apple Ridge Academy...

Enrollment at Apple Ridge Academy is managed by the Executive Director, Ashley French. Ashley is currently on maternity leave through mid/late-December.

Enrollment for Children under 2.5-years-old...

We are currently not enrolling any new children under 2.5-years-old at either location, as our programs are filled to capacity with a waiting list. Expected enrollment ranges from Summer 2023 to Summer 2024, depending on the classroom/age of your child, though unexpected openings could happen at any time. Please refer to waiting list information below if you would like to be added to our waiting list for enrollment that may open up within these classrooms.


Enrollment for Children 2.5-years-old and up...

We do have some limited availability in our Jr. Preschool (2.5 years old), Preschool (3 years old), PreK (3 and 4 years old), and 4K (4 and 5 years old) classrooms. Please reach out to the Center Director at the respective location if you are seeking care for your child age 2.5 years or older to inquire about the limited availability. 


New Berlin- Meghan Alfors- meghan@appleridgeacademy.com

Brookfield- Carolyn Bell- carolyn@appleridgeacademy.com

In the event that our limited availability does not meet the needs of your family, please refer to our waiting list information below to be added to our waiting list for future enrollment or availability that may open up in these classrooms.

Waiting List

Should availability happen to open up while Ashley is on maternity leave, families on the waiting list will be notified. Ashley will be checking for openings periodically throughout her leave that may result if a currently enrolled family withdraws and will be in contact if it opens a place for your family, but Ashley will not be replying to any new inquiries or answering any additional enrollment / waiting list related questions until late December or early January. 

If your family is interested in being placed on our waiting list, please review the  information below and then follow the link and complete the requested information to be added to the waiting list for future enrollment consideration at Apple Ridge...

Apple Ridge Academy Tuition Rates