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CORE- Challenging Behaviors

December 6, 2023

Our second CORE event was a great success! We had so many great discussions and some great information shared surrounding challenging behaviors in ALL ages and classrooms. We talked about identifying the 'function' of unwanted behaviors, how to replace negative behaviors with positive behaviors, and more about our role as teachers in working with children that display challenging behaviors!

To receive 2 hours of continuing education credit, please follow the below steps...

  1. View the Recording and Complete the Independent Viewing Form (~1.5 hours)

  2. Reference / Review the Handouts and PDF of the Powerpoint

  3. Complete the Homework Assignment and Submit to Designated Person (~0.5 hours)



Below is the video Zoom recording of this training....

We're still trying to figure out a better format for recording that has a higher quality audio for future trainings... any advice is welcome! :)

Independent Viewing Form
Download PDF • 44KB



Challenging Behaviors Handout
Download PDF • 113KB

*Please also reference the FBA Handout that's shared in the "Homework" Section below

We also referenced Conscious Discipline several times throughout our conversations. Conscious Discipline has a ton of great tools and strategies that you can use with challenging behaviors, but really with all children! We hope to have a future CORE training event that talks more about Conscious Discipline specifically! For now, we welcome you to explore the website below and/or reach out to your fellow co-workers that may use some of these tools already! Ms. Linda is a CD superstar ;)


PDF of Powerpoint

Challenging Behaviors Presentation
Download PDF • 1.69MB



To receive full credit for this training, there is a Homework assignment. Please spend ~30 minutes completing a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) for a child in your classroom! Use the form linked below.

Submit your homework to Lyndsey to receive a certificate of completion:

FBA Handout
Download PDF • 233KB



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