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Dare to Dream Big!

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Below is the recorded "Goals & Dreams" session that was presented at the Staff Retreat on 2/27/21 (1 hour) and the follow-up from our staff meeting on 3/9/21 (2 hours).

If you did not attend this session "live" on retreat day, you can earn 1 hour of continuing ed credit for this session by following the steps below:

  1. Watch the Live Recording & Use the Handout to Take Notes

  2. Review the PowerPoint Slides

  3. Complete the Reflection Questions on the Handout

  4. Download and Write Your Name and Date on the Leadership Session Certificate

  5. Turn in 1) a Copy of the Reflection Handout and 2) a Copy of Your Certificate to Your Director



Access the Handout Here:

Goals and Dreams Worksheet Handout
Download PDF • 5.35MB

Access the Full-Size PowerPoint Slides Here:

Goals and Dreams Presentation
Download PDF • 17.52MB


Goals and Dreams Session Certificate
Download PDF • 2.32MB


Goals & Dreams Session Part 2

Earn 2 hours of continuing ed credit for Part 2 of this session by doing the following...

  1. Watch the Live Recording & Review the PowerPoint Slides

  2. Review the Follow-Up Information

  3. Answer the Reflection Questions in an E-Mail to Your Assistant Director (be sure to copy your Director as well to earn the continuing ed credit)


Reflection Questions:

  1. What is one professional goal you would like to work towards?

  2. What are you currently doing to achieve your goals at Apple Ridge Academy?

  3. What supports would help you reach your goals and what does this look like to you?

  4. Which of the strategies discussed are you going to implement to help reach your goal?

  5. Explain in detail what this strategy would look like in regard to your selected goal.

PowerPoint Slides:

Goals & Dreams Part 2 PowerPoint
Download PDF • 4.28MB

Follow-Up Information:

Goals & Dreams Part 2 Follow-Up
Download PDF • 50KB

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