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Learning Naturally in the Winter

September 20, 2023

Our very first CORE Training Event was a success! We had so much fun talking about all things OUTDOORS for the Winter! We're excited to extend Learning Naturally throughout the school year, even in Winter! During this training we had great discussion about conquering the challenges that come with getting outdoors in the Winter and we also talked about a TON of ideas to help get you started on implementing more outdoors learning time as the weather cools down and the snow begins to fly!

To receive 2-2.5 hours of continuing education credit, please follow the below steps...

  1. View the Recording (~1.5 hours)

  2. Reference /Review the Handouts and PDF of the Powerpoint

  3. Complete the Homework Assignment and Submit to Designated Person (~0.5-1 hours)

  4. Complete the Feedback Form



Below is the video Zoom recording of this training. This was our very first time doing this format of both in person and Zoom together, so the audio is not perfect. We hope that you are still able to take away some valuable information from this :)



Download PDF • 2.34MB


PDF of Powerpoint

Download PDF • 26.34MB



To receive credit for this training, there is a Homework assignment. Please spend ~30-60 minutes creating/planning winter experiences to use this winter! Use the lesson plan that is most applicable to the age(s) that you work with, and fill in one week + the 3 bottom boxes (Inf/Todd/Twos) or 2 days + the 4 bottom boxes of the week (JPS/PS/PreK/4K). These should be ALL OUTDOORS winter activity/experience ideas. Submit your homework to the designated person to receive a certificate of completion. When turning in your homework, please make a note of how long this assignment took you so we can give proper credit.

Infants/Toddlers/Twos - Bi Weekly Plan - Complete 1 Week + 3 Bottom Boxes

Bi-Weekly Plan (9.2021)
Download PDF • 30KB

Jr. Preschool/Preschool/PreK/4K - Weekly Plan - Complete 2 Days + 4 Bottom Boxes

Weekly Plan (9.2021)
Download PDF • 73KB


Feedback Form

After completing this training, please consider sharing your feedback and ideas here:



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