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Teacher Talk #3- Holidays at Apple Ridge

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

SO MANY IDEAS were shared at this week's Teacher Talk! I truly believe that everyone will benefit from watching this one, and joining in on the Holiday ideas and initiatives we would like to carry forward at Apple Ridge this year :)

Some of the things that we pulled from this Teacher Talk that we are implementing as center-wide Holiday activities are:

  • Door Decorating

  • Spirit Week

  • Staff Holiday Cookbook

  • Apple Ridge Christmas Carol Video

  • Family Picture Display (similar to the Farm to School month display from October)

*There were TONS of additional ideas shared that you can use for inspiration within your own classrooms, too!

  • Classroom Activity Ideas

  • Family Engagement and Parent Involvement Ideas

  • Parent Gift Ideas

  • Classroom Celebration Ideas (raising cultural awareness in the Holidays)

  • Using Zoom in Your Classrooms

  • ...and SO MUCH MORE!

There was just way too much shared to be able to write it all out in this post, so please consider watching the recording below and reaching out to collaborate with one another to take your ideas even farther!

Watch the Recording Here:


To Earn 1 Hour of Continuing Ed Credit:

-Watch the Recording, and Review the Written Notes in this Post

-Complete the Teacher Talk #3 Reflection

-Download, Print, Fill In and Submit a Certificate of Completion

-Submit Certificate of Completion to Your Director

Questions? Links Not Working for You?

Contact Ashley at for assistance!


Coming Up Next:

We also discussed our next Teacher Talk topic and an improved format / structure for future Teacher Talks! Our next Teacher Talk will be on Time Management and Productivity and will take place in January.

Some of our Teacher Talk Team members will be putting together more information to be sent out ahead of time to prepare for this TT. This will be a little bit more structured and intentional... helping you to really nail down and be able to walk away with practical solutions and an ACTION PLAN that you can start right away!

Watch for more details on Teacher Talk #4 coming soon!

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