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Teacher Talk #4- Time Management

Some of the things that were discussed at this Teacher Talk to help you manage your time included...

  • Organization!!!!! What works for YOU? It looks different for everyone, but you have to have some type of organization. You cannot be successful if your are not organized.

  • Create a system to help make the next steps easier (not adding to the work, but making the later work easier….) For example, you shouldn't have to set aside time to observe children, then wait for time to write observations down... you should be observing children in regular daily routines and having a system to capture these on an ongoing basis WHILE you are doing your normal things. It should be ongoing, all the time, not a "task" or chore you have to set aside time for.

  • Try using a portable file holder to organize different portfolio contents for each child until you have time to put them together. So you may only have time to complete a few EOL forms, or print a few pictures, and instead of having them 'float' around, put them all in a file for that child, then put it all together when you have a bigger chunk of time to do so.

  • Use your support staff! Have things ready for them when they come in to your classroom, written down or talk with them verbally. This way, as soon as they come in your room, they have a task they can help with that supports you as the lead! If you are support teacher... help the leads get this into place so that you don't have to ask them what to do every 5 minutes ;)

  • Set small, daily goals that are manageable- make them specific and estimate the time to complete them. Every day that you come in, make a goal for at least one thing you are going to check off your list. Then you won't have a 2-page long list overwhelming you all the time!

  • Take advantage of ALL of your time, be prepared to use the 10 minutes at the end of the day when you get them, or the 15 minutes before you are in count in the AM. Make a list of tasks that can be completed in small chunks of time so that when the time pops up unexpectedly, you know exactly what to do! For example, pull out the 3 pictures you have in Billy's file and put them into a portfolio... 10 minutes, quick and easy! If you do one or two a day at the end of each day, that's an hour worth of work that you made out of small chunks of time that would have been otherwise wasted!

  • COMMUNICATION with those you work with is CRUCIAL. You have to be on the same page as your co-teachers and support teachers working in your classroom. Have open and honest conversations and work together.

  • Prioritize what you NEED to do vs. what you WANT to do. The "fun" stuff always comes last so you can complete what is required first. Even if it's not the most exciting, be responsible and know the expectations!

*There were TONS of additional ideas shared to try, too! So be sure to watch!

If you are someone who struggles to get everything done OR if you just want to be more productive with your time so that you have time for more "fun" things... be sure to give this Teacher Talk a listen, take notes, and try our some of the strategies shared!

Watch the Recording Here:


To Earn 1 Hour of Continuing Ed Credit:

-Watch the Recording, and Review the Written Notes in this Post

-Complete the Teacher Talk #4 Reflection

-Download, Print, Fill In and Submit a Certificate of Completion

-Submit Certificate of Completion to Your Director

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Coming Up Next:

We will be talking about the ARA GARDENS... so be sure to watch for more details on Teacher Talk #5 coming soon!

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