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Teacher Talk #5- Gardens

Some of the things that were discussed at this Teacher Talk were...

  • Designation of spaces and creating spaces

  • Ideas of things to plant, how to plant, where to plant and when to plant

  • How to integrate gardening into your lesson planning

  • Teaching children to care for gardens

  • Future garden planning

  • Herb gardens

  • From garden to table at ARA- using and trying the things you grow

  • Keeping children engaged in the process


Additional Resources:

Traci has found some REALLY AMAZING resources about gardening with children. Be sure to check these out! We have 'hard copies' in the office as well.

Got Dirt
Download PDF • 33.37MB
Download PDF • 13.23MB

Watch the Recording Here:


To Earn 1 Hour of Continuing Ed Credit:

-Watch the Recording, and Review the Written Notes in this Post

-Complete the Teacher Talk #5 Reflection

-Download, Print, Fill In and Submit a Certificate of Completion

-Submit Certificate of Completion to Your Director

Questions? Links Not Working for You?

Contact Ashley at for assistance!

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