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The Resilient Educator

Updated: Jan 2

August 2023

At our August 2023 Team Meetings, we had an introductory training to the topic of "Resilience"! The ideas and information shared will be the foundation of our focus on Resilience for 2024. Please follow the 3 steps below to complete this assignment...

1. View the Presentation & Handout

Resilience Presentation
Download PDF • 7.20MB

Distorted Thinking Patterns
Download PDF • 76KB

2. Watch the Full Recording

***You may choose to just LISTEN to the audio of the video while viewing the Presentation and Handout PDF's (the presentation screen is difficult to see in the recordings anyways).

***There are a couple breaks in the video, where the portions on safe lifting, reflection times, and the CORE introduction portions have been cut out of the recording. If you're intersted in the full recording, please reach out to me directly and I am happy to share it with you.

***If you are intersted in any of the additional handouts/tools that are mentioned at the end of the training, please reach out to me directly and I'd be happy to share additional copies.

3. Complete the Homework

In an e-mail to your Director, include answers to the following 3 questions...

  • What does "resilience" mean to you, in your own words?

  • Give one example of a distorted thought that you've had recently. Include the "type" or pattern of distorted thinking that it was, what the thought was, and an explanation of a different thought you could have had about that event.

  • What is one thing you are committing to growing/learning/improving on to build your own resilience in 2024?

Pre-Retreat Homework due No Later Than Wednesday, January 10th @ 11:59pm

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