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Challenging Behaviors

Woah… that’s quite a title! There is so much more to this topic then could fit into a two-hour period, and it is ever-changing with new developments in early childhood education, and new studies in differing teaching techniques.

Within this presentation we will look deeper at tools we already have as professional educators to help children during these times, and how Apple Ridge Academy can support you as a teacher in the classroom, and all children in our care. Most importantly, how our actions can help educate and support our littlest learners with these big emotions that often times gain the most negative attention. We will look at our classroom environment, our approach to teaching in these moments, and what new concepts we can implement throughout Apple Ridge Academy. We conclude this section, by offering real-life examples, and activities to better support these children during these specific situations, which will benefit all the children in the class.

During the second part, we look at the importance of having positive and strong connections with all families within our program. With the use the conscious communication with families, we have the power to set the tone for all communications, both positive and difficult. We also stress the importance of having open, honest and ongoing communications with families, and how a break in any part of this connection can have a huge impact on the well-being of everyone involved.

The goal of this training opportunity is to provide you with tools and techniques that you can implement immediately, as well as additional resources to continue to support the development of these strategies.

The more resources you explore and the more effort you put in to this training opportunity, the more you will be able to walk away with to use in your own position! Be sure to take full advantage of the information shared below to help grow your teacher toolbox as you prepare your classroom for children of many different needs and varying abilities!

To Earn Continuing Ed Credit:

  • Read Through This Post Entirely

  • 1) Watch the Challenging Behaviors Presentation (~30 minutes)

  • 2) Watch the 2 External Video Links (total of ~60 minutes)

  • 3) Complete the Challenging Behaviors Worksheet (~10 minutes)

  • 4) Explore the Additional Resources (~20 minutes)

  • 5) Download and Print the Certificate of Continuing Ed

  • Submit the Worksheet & Copy of the Certificate to Your Director

1) Challenging Behaviors Presentation

Start by watching the below presentation.

Presentation-Challenging Behaviors
Download PPSX • 100.04MB

2) External Videos

The presentation references a few videos that can be watched through external links. When you get to this point, the videos and applicable times are also linked below...

Teachable Moments / Guiding the Most Challenging Children

  • Section 1 Video Times Referenced in Presentation at ~22:20-23:33

  • Section 2 Video Times Referenced in Presentation at ~ 32:25-34:10

  • Whole Video = 37 minutes

Conscious Communication with Families

  • Video Times Referenced in Presentation at ~7:40-13:09

  • Whole Video = 26 minutes

3) Challenging Behaviors Worksheet

4) Additional Resources

Click on the links below to explore additional resources!

Conscious Discipline (Workbook and Online Resources)

Teaching Strategies – Creative Curriculum

*These resources are available to you in a book / hard-copy format at any time and are located in the resource room. Please talk with your Assistant Director if you need any help locating these resources or navigating their relationship to Challenging Behaviors.

  • Creative Curriculum: The Foundation (Chapters 1, 2 and 4)

  • Review the Objectives for Development and Learning (Focus on Social/Emotional and Language Development Objectives)

5) Certificate of Continuing Education

(Optional) Watch the Recording from the In-Person Training

Below is the recording of the live training on November 10th at New Berlin. Watching this video will allow you the opportunity to hear the discussions sparked from the above training. We welcome you to browse through this training to hear what your co-workers had to share. You are welcome to skip around throughout the video as needed, focussing on the areas that are most important or most valuable to you!

Thank you for participating in "Managing Challenging Behaviors in the Classroom & Talking About Challenging Behaviors with Parents." You are welcome to reach out to me via e-mail at with any questions, comments, ideas, feedback or anything else that I can support you with!


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