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Compassion Fatigue

Updated: Jan 24

We had the privilege of welcoming Alicia Fleischmann, a parent at ARA and a licensed mental health therapist, to our 2024 Winter Staff Retreat to speak to us on how to avoid Burnout and Compassion Fatigue. Check out the recording and assignment below to take advantage of this opportunity to earn continuing education credit!


*turn your volume all the way up!

Presentation Powerpoint:

Self-Care for Burnout and Compassion Fatigue
Download PDF • 2.41MB


energy pizza
Download PDF • 112KB

Download PDF • 263KB

Download PDF • 69KB

dopamine menu
Download PDF • 19KB

Glass Balls vs Plastic Balls
Download PDF • 67KB


Complete the independent viewing form below and submit this to your Director to earn continuing education credit!

Independent Viewing Form
Download PDF • 44KB

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