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ECERS / ITERS Interactions

1-2 Hours of Continuing Education

ITERS: applicable to Infants, Toddlers, Twos and Jr. PS Classrooms

ECERS: applicable to Preschool and 4K Classrooms

ECERS and ITERS are tools used by Youngstar in their evaluation of quality and in giving "star ratings" in Early Learning programs throughout Wisconsin. Youngstar places a large focus on classroom environments. ECERS and ITERS recently came out with the third edition. These new editions place an increased focus on INTERACTIONS within the classroom, rather than just the physical environment itself.

There are many different pieces to ECERS and ITERS; however, at this time for the purpose of this continuing ed opportunity, we want to focus on the interactions portion.

View the interactions section of ITERS/ECERS below (as applicable), complete the corresponding worksheet and submit to the Director for continuing education credit.

  • View the Interactions section of ITERS by clicking here

  • View the Interactions section of ECERS by clicking here

After viewing the ECERS/ITERS handouts above, complete the applicable worksheet below to earn continuing education hours.

ECERS/ITERS interactions information and ideas were presented as part of a training with our staff at our February 2020 Staff Training. You may also choose to use the presentation linked below to supplement your understanding of ECERS/ITERS Interactions.

You can view the Presentation from the Staff Training by Clicking Here

*As you will notice when viewing the presentation, the first half of the presentation talks about "Simple Interactions". This portion of the presentation is talked about in a separate post on the continuing ed web page. Please see the post titled "Simple Interactions" for more information, handouts and worksheets that you may complete for continuing ed opportunities in relation to Simple Interactions.

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