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Simple Interactions

1-2 Hours of Continuing Education

Simple Interactions is a strengths-based, practice-focused, and community-driven approach to support professionals- such as ECE teachers- who serve children and families. The approach was developed by the Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning.

The Simple Interactions approach respects, honors and supports ECE teachers like us by identifying the “ordinary” things that we can do extraordinary well for children- which is to have these simple, meaningful interactions. This approach focuses on how teachers who, regardless of resource limitations and/or ongoing challenges, find ways to provide consistent positive interactions for the children in their care. These simple, meaningful moments with children are our true strengths- and we can do this even when we feel stressed or discouraged.

The Simple Interaction approach and accompanying ideas were presented as part of a training with our staff at our February 2020 Staff Training.

You can view the Presentation from the Staff Training by Clicking Here

*As you will notice when viewing the presentation, the second half of the presentation talks about ECERS / ITERS. This portion of the presentation is talked about in a separate post on the continuing ed web page. Please see the post titled "ECERS/ITERS Interactions" for more information, handouts and worksheets that you may complete for continuing ed opportunities in relation to ECERS and ITERS.

Please click here to view, download and print the Simple Interactions Handouts for additional information. Complete the Simple Interactions Worksheet once to earn 1 hour of continuing education or complete the worksheet twice to earn 2 hours of continuing education. Worksheets may be handed in to the Director for credit.

Happy Learning!

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