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Creative Curriculum Independent Viewing Opportunities

The Teaching Strategies for Early Childhood Education YouTube Channel has TONS of relevant information available for FREE!

Many of these videos are directly applicable to the work you are doing with The Creative Curriculum, and many are just great resources to strengthen your teacher toolbox :)

Some Examples Include...

  • The Whole Child Approach and Why it Matters

  • The Warmest Voice in the Room- Modeling Empathy to Creative an Inclusive, Collaborative Classroom

  • Using What You Know About Each Child to Individualize Instruction

  • Rising to the Challenge of Challenging Behavior

  • The Importance of Social Emotional and Cognitive Development

  • Promoting Literacy Skills- Read it Once, Read it Twice, Read it Once Again

  • Moving Beyond the Friday Folder- Creating Purposeful Partnerships with Families

  • ...and SO MANY MORE!

We encourage you to browse through the videos available to you and to choose one, two or twenty to view for your own professional development- and you will earn continuing education credits for doing so! They also have recorded TONS of past webinars- these make the best continuing ed opportunities.

Beyond the Webinars, there are several shorter 1-5 minute video clips with tips and tricks to use in your teaching: Click Here to View All of the Videos Available

Use the independent viewing form to earn credit for watching and learning for free!

Happy Learning Everyone!

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